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NetSuite Integration

NetSuite provides a convenient hosted application service. However, back-end reporting and integration with in-house applications is not possible without sophisticated API programming.

Relational Junction ETL Manager provides a familiar SQL interface for integration developers.
You do not need extensive experience with the tool to be effective. Most developers are productive within minutes. Contrast this with other products, which require time-consuming and costly training for modest proficiency. Relational Junction licensing costs are a fraction of other tools, allowing organizations of all sizes to enjoy the benefits of rapid ETL automation.


Use Cases

Using Relational Junction for NetSuite, you can:

  • Create a mirrored schema on your server – all NetSuite objects will be created as tables, and all NetSuite fields created as database columns — automatically
  • Load all of your NetSuite data into your database
  • Write reports using your preferred reporting tool


  • Complete technical documentation, telephone, and email customer support.
  • Installation and training included
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