Relational Junction for Salesforce

High Performance Bi-Directional Replication for Data Warehouse, Data Integration, Backup & Recovery

Relational Junction for Salesforce simplifies Salesforce data integration, offline reporting, backup and recovery by creating and synchronizing a local data warehouse that is a perfect mirror of your site. All objects will be automatically created as tables, and all fields created as database columns. Data model changes in Salesforce are automatically made in the database.

  • Bi-directional synchronization supports data imports and data recovery.
  • The database schema is always in sync with your Salesforce site. Replicate all new and modified data to the schema as often as five minutes, or use Real Time mode for selected objects.
  • Fully recover lost or corrupted data to any point in time.
  • Enable offline reporting with any Business Intelligence or Analytics product.
  • Integrate with in-house applications without API programming.
  • Supports Oracle, SQL Server, Azure, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, Informix, Sybase databases.
  • Supports custom objects and fields, including long text and attachments.

Relational Junction for Salesforce Benefits

Hub and Spoke Data Integration

  • Easily integrate with other applications by first bringing the data to a warehouse.
  • Central database repository provides both integration and reporting capability.
  • Enables rapid development of integration with any ETL product, scripting, or SQL programming.
  • Enables legacy data migration
  • No API programming.
  • Improves reliability and performance of integration.

Satisfy Federal Compliance Regulations

  • FINRA regulations for financial institutions
  • SEC Rule 17a for securities broker-dealers
  • HIPAA / FDA regulations for healthcare organizations
  • Heavy fines for violation
  • Requires full incremental backup of all sensitive data
  • Requires all versions of all sensitive records to be kept
  • Requires ability to recover deleted records, including parent-child relationships
  • Once-a-day backups DO NOT satisfy these requirements

Relational Junction Compliance Solution

  • Backup and recover your Salesforce data for any object.
  • All versions of all records can be kept in the database, allowing recovery to any point in time and a full audit trail of all changes.
  • Full load and Incremental copy of all Salesforce data
  • Database records are archived, never physically deleted
  • Captures who deleted records and when
  • Bi-directional ability allows reloading of archived data to Salesforce with parent-child relationships intact
  • Optional change history for all fields in all Salesforce objects – native history tracking can only capture 20 fields per object
  • Recover deleted or corrupted data, including versioning of records

Business Intelligence & Reporting

  • Sophisticated analysis of customer data can be done with conventional reporting tools that go beyond native reporting, including complex statistical and trending analysis.
  • Freedom to use any reporting or Business Intelligence products
  • Improves reliability and performance of reporting enables analytics and exception reporting

Integrate to Other Databases

Integrate other back-office databases. Examples of this include maintaining customer and product data, integrating case management with bug tracking, providing a customer portal

Legacy Data Migration to Salesforce

Migrate legacy data to your Salesforce org– Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Products, Documents, and Attachments – not limited to standard Salesforce uploads

Application Enablement Application Enablement

Relational Junction for Salesforce Features

Best of Breed Best of Breed

  • Installation and creation of your warehouse takes minutes.
  • Bi-directional replication of all Salesforce data to a local database
  • All data types, custom objects, and custom fields
  • Full automation of all Salesforce data model changes
  • Timestamp-based incremental replication for lowest footprint
  • Structured single-pass loading of data to Salesforce with parent-child relationships
  • Replication can be both to and from your local database as often as every five minutes, and only copies the changes.

Patented Scalability and Performance

Relational Junction for Salesforce is a unique solution that does not have the scalability limitations of other replication products.

  • Patented technology segments data by time range to allow you to load unlimited amounts of data, both from and to Salesforce.
  • Multi-threaded read-write processes give throughput of 3,000 to 6,000 records per second on large volumes of data.
  • In use at Fortune 500 companies since 2004, this is the most scalable and reliable solution available.

Fault Tolerant

  • Extensive failover / restart logic
  • The replication process is automatically restartable at point of failure
  • Doesn’t require reloading entire table on failures
  • Captures and logs rejected records
  • Restarts at point of failure
  • Allows immediate termination at point of failure or bypass error and continue with error logging
  • Reports extensive load statistics

Cross Platform Support for all Major Operating Systems and Databases



Supported Databases

Microsoft SQL Server












IBM dashDB


What’s Included

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