Relational Junction for NETSUITE Backup / Integration

NETSUITE Backup, Data Warehouse and Integration

  • NETSUITE Backup to an on-premise SQL Data Warehouse
  • Bi-directional ETL from and to NETSUITE using a SQL interface — without the expense of the ODBC connection
  • Rapid development of reports, applications and integrations using common SQL programming skills
  • No API programming required
  • Improves reliability and performance of reporting and integration

NETSUITE provides a convenient hosted application service. However, back-end reporting and integration with in-house applications is not possible without sophisticated API programming.

ETL Manager provides a familiar SQL interface for integration developers.
  • Relational Junction for NETSUITE provides a full copy of all NETSUITE data in an on-premise SQL Server database..
  • The Sesame implementation team ensures that your NETSUITE data model is fully exposed with master-detail relationships in a true relational data model.
  • Incremental replication ensures that the warehouse is always in synch with NETSUITE with near-realtime latency.

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NetSuite Integration Tasks Made Easy

NetSuite Integration & Replication

Relational Junction for NETSUITE


Benefits of NETSUITE Integration / Replication

  • Timestamp-based incremental replication for lowest footprint
  • High performance, fault tolerant
  • Supports custom objects and custom fields
  • Supports pick list reference field


  • Enables analytics and exception reporting
  • Freedom to use any reporting or business intelligence products

Data Integration

  • Web site integration
  • External application integration


  • Backup all data incrementally
  • Keeps and can recover deleted records, including parent-child
  • Permanent backup for auditing and tax compliance

Use Cases

Using Relational Junction for NETSUITE, you can:

Mirrored Schema

  • Create a mirrored schema on your server – All NETSUITE objects will be created as tables, and all NETSUITE fields created as database columns — automatically

Auto Load in on Premise Database

  • Load all of your NETSUITE data into your database

Report Writing

  • Write reports using your preferred reporting tool

Integration Points

Many companies use for salespeople and NETSUITE for the accounting. Our integration with NETSUITE allows you to synch products in each system by a report that identifies mismatches.
netsuite data integration
When an order is closed in, the customer and contact information is created in NETSUITE.
Finally, Salesforce closed opportunities are sent to NETSUITE as estimates. if estimates are modified, the resulting changes are reflected back to the Salesforce opportunity.

Ease of Use

  • Leverages existing in-house database skills
  • Short time-to-deploy with minimal training required
  • Developers are productive within minutes
  • Increases productivity — development time typically 2 tables per day, including data mapping, ETL setup, unit testing

Fault Tolerant

  • Captures and logs rejected records
  • Restarts at point of failure
  • Reports extensive load statistics

Low Total-Cost-of-Ownership

  • Hardware: 1 or 2-processor standalone server
  • Minimal training and support needed


  • Cross Platform – Java J2EE 1.7 / JDBC
  • Operating Systems: Windows and UNIX

Relational Junction for NETSUITE Supports

  • SQL Server
SQL Server Data Integration
  • Complete technical documentation, expert telephone and email customer support.
  • Installation and training included
  • Data migration, integration, and implementation assistance is available through Sesame Software Professional Services Group.

Same Day Support

  • Documented procedures
  • User training
  • Email customer support
  • Same day and after-hours telephone support
  • U.S. based support team
  • All included in standard product price

Professional Services

  • Installation & setup
  • Data cleansing Salesforce & QuickBooks
  • Match Salesforce accounts to QuickBooks customers
  • Customized integration