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appex-change Integration provides a convenient hosted application service. However, back-end reporting and integration with in-house applications is not possible without sophisticated Appexchange API programming.


Relational Junction for Salesforce simplifies legacy data migration, integration and reporting by creating and synchronizing a local data warehouse that is a perfect mirror of your site. This Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, Informix, Sybase, or Greenplum database includes all custom objects and fields, including long text and attachments. No programming is required, and the database schema is always in sync with your Salesforce site.


Relational Junction for Salesforce is a unique solution that does not have the scalability limitations of ETL tools. Replication can be both to and from your local database as often as every five minutes, and only copies the changes. Installation and creation of your warehouse take minutes, and replication speed is typically 500,000 records per hour. In use at Fortune 500 companies since 2004, this is the most scalable and reliable solution available.


Relational Junction for Salesforce has patented technology which segments data by time range to allow you to load tens of millions of records. The replication process is fully restartable. This capability gives Relational Junction for Salesforce a unique ability to handle unlimited amounts of Salesforce data.


Use Cases

Using Relational Junction for Salesforce, you can:

  • Create a mirrored schema on your server – all objects will be created as tables, and all fields created as database columns — automatically
  • Replicate all new and modified data to the schema as often as five minutes
  • Create or modify data in the local schema, and replicate the changes to your site
  • Migrate legacy data to your site – Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Products, even Documents and Attachments – not limited to standard uploads
  • Write reports using your preferred reporting tool
  • Integrate other back-office databases. Examples of this include maintaining customer and product data, integrating case management with bug tracking, providing a customer portal

Satisfying Compliance Regulations for Your CRM Data

Financial institutions and healthcare organizations operate under federal legal requirements for data retention, historical tracking, and data recovery. U.S. and European legal requirements for data retention are voluminous and evolving. A decade ago, only paper or microfiche was considered a safe backup medium by the SEC. This restriction was lifted in 2003 to include various forms of electronic media. These regulations are not optional, and include heavy penalties for violations.


Regulation Regulatory Agency Organizations Affected Applications
Sarbanes-Oxley SEC Public companies
Accounting firms
Financial accounting
Rule 17a SEC Securities industry:
broker dealers
Older Entry
21CFR Part 11 FDA Pharmaceutical Medical
device manufacturers
Clinical trials
Approval Manufacturing
HIPAA HHS Health insurance Healthcare providers Claims processing
Data Protection
Eu, Uk Data Commissioner European operations
Global firms
Employee records
Loan applications

Relational Junction: A Unique Ability to Meet Compliance Requirements

Compliance consists of

  • Backing up your data
  • Retaining deleted data in the backup
  • Being able to quickly recover your data fast enough to meet the timeframes of the business
  • Keeping all prior versions of all records

Relational Junction for Salesforce meets all these criteria, and no other warehouse product does. If you don’t have this capability, you don’t have true compliance.

Data Retention customers can comply with these mandates with a local database copy of their Salesforce data. Relational Junction has unique features that make it the only effective compliance solution available for customers, ensuring full audit and recoverability of change history and deleted records. Relational Junction provides an on-site database backup of all of your Salesforce data via an efficient and frequent incremental data replication process.


There is no design or data mapping involved, and setup takes minutes not hours. Both the software and your database are on-premise, so there are no concerns about off-site data storage or external web services that could compromise your data security. Data is transmitted via HTTPS secure protocol. Unlike other solutions, Relational Junction never physically removes database records – all such records are flagged as deleted and kept permanently. Relational Junction is the only product that ensures proper auditing of deleted records, including the user and time deleted – even if the Recycle Bin is emptied, the Recycle Bin “fills up”, or records age out of the Recycle Bin. Offsite data retention can be achieved using conventional database tape backups.

History Tracking

Many companies have audit requirements that demand periodic snapshots of their data, or versioning of specific changes of data. Federal regulations require, in the strictest sense, that every version of selected record types be maintained. Changes can be logged in the database to keep all versions of selected record types. This is accomplished using history tables that record a complete snapshot of every record before it is modified

Backup and Recovery

Relational Junction’s unique method of bidirectional replication allows recovery of lost data from the database. Unlike all other solutions that physically delete records from the local database, Relational Junction marks deleted records inactive in the data warehouse, but does not physically remove them. This allows you to restore any amount of deleted data, including the entire hierarchy of an account with its contacts, opportunities, and related data – without significant preparation and with all relationships intact. Even fields that have been permanently removed from can be easily restored.


You never have to reload a database table, so your history is never corrupted.

Business Intelligence

Sophisticated analysis of customer data can be done with conventional reporting tools that go beyond native reporting, including complex statistical and trending analysis. Our customers use a complete range of BI tools, including Business Objects, COGNOS, MicroStrategy, Crystal Reports, Hyperion, SQL Server Reporting Services, and native SQL reporting.

  • Complete technical documentation, telephone, and email customer support.
  • Installation and training included
  • Data migration, integration, and implementation assistance is available through our Professional Services group.
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