Relational Junction Data Warehouse and Enterprise Application Integration Products


ETL Data Integration Connections

Protect and integrate your corporate data with Sesame Software’s Relational Junction suite of Enterprise Application Integration products, including best of breed solutions for Salesforce, NetSuite, and QuickBooks that leverage each platform’s specific technical requirements without the limitations of plug-ins to general purpose ETL Manager.

  • Unique Hub-Centric Data Architecture for robust cost-effective Integration and Data Warehousing.
  • Bi-Directional Data Replication for SaaS data sources.
  • SQL-based ETL tool allows rapid and predictable development of unique integrations with minimal training and without the compromises of cloud-based solutions. ETL designed for real-world database developers.

Why Backup Salesforce, Pardot, NetSuite, and QuickBooks?

  • These companies provide disaster recovery but not data recovery. Deleted data, corrupted data, removed fields or objects cannot be recovered.
  • Data corruption or record loss is much more prevalent than you might think, and there is no way to recover without a database backup.
  • Relational Junction backup provides all this and a versioned history of each record for compliance or point-in-time data recovery.

Why Relational Junction?

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“People who love writing SQL code will love Relational Junction because it relies on the power of SQL. Its beauty lies in its simplicity. Combine that with the ability of Relational Junction to easily synchronize data between or NetSuite and your own database environment. Now you have a complete solution for SaaS integration and reporting.”
– Daan van Beek, CEO & Founder, The Passionned Group

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